Growth planning

We will work out how a potential acquisition is going to operate as part of your business. From cultural alignment and IT systems to employee engagement in the growing business, Reilly Consulting will undertake due diligence on your behalf – and will determine the details on how everything should fit together for future success.

Business performance

By taking a holistic view, we will collaborate with you to improve your business’s operational effectiveness – and bottom line. With a forward-thinking approach and specialised knowledge of business processes, we will implement relevant indicators and develop a framework for evaluation, prioritisation, and measurement.

Supply chain efficiency

We are well-equipped to provide strategic advice on supply chain efficiencies – having the right systems in place to maintain the right stock levels and forging reliable relationships with suppliers. We know how the balancing act works, which means you can be confident you will have the stock to service your customers.

Be a talent magnet

The competitive job market means businesses should be rethinking how to approach employee engagement and retention, at all levels. We will deploy tactics to position your business as a talent magnet, where the emphasis is on making work more meaningful, there’s investment in high-performance, and inclusion in the workforce.

Sounding board

Our role is much more sophisticated than stock-standard accountancy. As an impartial sounding board, we are able to alert you when preventative actions are required and support management with decision making – when to walk away from a business opportunity and when to chase one.

Business proposals

Want to be a high-impact business, but don’t have the internal resources to develop cut-through proposals? We are experts at preparing business proposals, designed to hit the mark with your bank, suppliers and customers. A critical document, it can spell the difference between success and failure.

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